Fort Myers Suffers Devastation To Properties From Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian Devastates Fort Myers: Florida Region Hit Hard by Wind and Storm Surge

The aftermath of Hurricane Ian can be felt across all of Florida, even as the storm begins to reduce, but the Fort Myers area has suffered more than most. People have described the destruction as horrifying and catastrophic, with many homes swept away and entire streets reduced to rubble. In just a matter of hours, the powerful winds and category four storm surges decimated the entire city- leaving only a few high-rises and condos standing.


One of the worst hit zones is Fort Myers Beach- which Senator Marco Rubio says no longer exists. Entrance to the city- which lies on an island just seven miles long- is near impossible after reports from the Lee County Sheriff’s office came out describing the entire beach area as impassible due to flooding and debris.


According to the statement, not even bicycles can make their way safely through passageways, and people are encouraged to refrain from attempting to reach loved ones on the island.


Boats, docks, and beach houses have been torn down and tossed aside as if they were toys. Images detailing the damage continue to surface, but residents say they do not do justice to the full scope of the devastation.


As it stands, more than 200 people have been rescued, and the death toll sits around 80. Officials and emergency rescue crews must wait for the water to recede before more definitive figures can be presented.

Scenes Like Fort Myers has Never Seen Before

The Town Council reports that roughly 90% of the island is almost completely destroyed after what is being called the worst storm surge the city has seen in recent history. Most of the city- the parts that remain standing- are left without power, electricity, or even water- with more and more people forced to find shelter as their homes were destroyed.

Locals are sharing stories of people floating in freezers in attempts to seek help and a place to escape the floods. Residents say they are getting through it together- but they know the road to recovery will be long and fraught.

Response Team Working Around the Clock

Response teams and disaster restoration companies continue to work relentlessly and endlessly to reach those in need of assistance and find shelter for the countless families whose homes have washed away. The valiant efforts so far have reportedly reached all those who were stranded entirely, with no remaining people believed to need to be rescued.


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