Who Provides Certification for the Water Damage Industry

Synchronicity: How Are the Professionals Certified?

Making sure that the professional who is looking after your space after water damage is certified is important. Ask the right questions because you want to be comfortable with the person who is helping. Otherwise, a person who is unqualified could come in and say they can complete the job, but they are not certified. This leaves you vulnerable if anything happens while they are working because you no longer have someone who is insured to do the job.

This article is going to focus on what organization certifies professionals when it comes to water damage and what to do even if they do not know how to fix your problem.

Who Provides Certification for the Water Damage Industry

Who Gives Out the Certificates?

Well, there is an organization called the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and it handles a lot of the certifications that you should look for. When looking at the IICRC website, you can see that it offers 26 different certifications across the whole industry. That is definitely an organization you can trust because it offers such a wide range of certifications. Also, all of the courses are taught by trained and approved instructors and schools. This means you can rest assured that anyone you work with who is certified has the knowledge and experience you need.

Does the IICRC Own Schools?

No, the IICRC does not have any instructors on staff nor own any schools. It is a standards-setting body, so it is around to make sure that the standards are met. That is why it can certify schools and instructors that can deliver the correct course and that the delivery is of a high quality. The board of directors has set criteria that all of these instructors and schools need to meet, so it does not matter where the professional has gained their certification because they all follow the same guidelines.

I Want Someone Who Is Certified, How Can I Find Them?

It’s understandable that you want someone who is fully qualified in your home to help you during this stressful time. That is why you can check out the IICRC Certified Firms Listing. The IICRC has a complete global database that shows you where and what the closest certified firm is. You can rest easy when you contact them because they have backing. Also, if you look on the website, the company would have placed the IICRC Certified Firm logo on it, so you don’t even need to ask whether or not it is certified.


This is great because you know that this firm has at least one active technician, insurance coverage, a business license, and they have paid for their application fee. Once that logo goes on, it has passed all the tests that it needed to, so no need to worry anymore!

What If the Company Doesn’t Know What to Do?

These professionals know that when they need to call in reinforcements because you deserve the best experience and care when it comes to your home. The IICRC also tells the individuals that if they are not experienced or qualified for a specific part of your case, then they need to call for someone who is. They understand that no one knows everything, so there is no harm in calling in help.


With the IICRC setting up a global movement, you know that anyone who is certified by them is going to be professional. Also, rest easy knowing that the professionals are trained the to the exact same high-standard at every school, so it does not matter where they have received their certification from. When everyone follows the same board, then there is synchronicity everywhere.



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